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Title: Welcome to the Belen Mesa Forum
Post by: paulkinzelman on July 06, 2008, 02:30:39 pm
Welcome to the Belen Mesa Landowners Forum. This forum is for people who own land on the Belen Mesa located just west of the town of Belen, New Mexico, USA. 87002. Currently this forum has eighteen discussion boards. A discussion board can be thought of as a conversation about a specific topic. This is the only discussion board you can read without registering and it is set as an informational post only. You can not write or respond to this message. When you register and log in, the other topics will become available to you and you will be able to participate by reading and posting.

To get started  register (at the top left of this page right after where it says “Welcome Guest...")

You will receive  an email indicating that your registration has been approved by a moderator.

For more information about registration and how to use the forum, click on the various help links.

PLEASE NOTE that we will never ever share your contact information, name, phone, email, etc. with anyone.